"I think I may have found my way to Bakchic, on my way seeking my own self"

We are all born in a predetermined globalized culture where the individuality has been drowned in a very complex crossed-cultural recipe. I just wanted the real ingredients that were composing mine.
I think it answered a real need of dress identity in the Arab world. To feel that you belong to a world, a history, a culture, that was what I wanted people to be chasing before purchasing through these pieces. Not only Arab customers, but international Eastern culture lovers.
I started with the external expression of culture: style. How Arab history could explain our contemporary sense of style, how can we extract the best from our shared past with the Western world and so on. 
The main goal of Bakchic is to make all the traditional clothing treasures of Morocco and the Arab world in general, only used for special events and occasions, worn again in a daily, casual way.
The challenge is, of course, to conserve their delicacy. I think a part of the secret is to discharge Kaftans from their over-ornaments to only concentrate this ancestral know-how on details. Meet Bakchic.