Arabic Numbers Cotton-Blend Jersey Sweatshirts

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Cotton-Blend Jersey Sweatshirt. Slightly Fitted, Tighted Sleeves.

Size and Cute

All Sizes are available
Cut for a relaxed fit.
I'm wearing the Small Version on the pictures but I like wearing the Medium one for a boyish look.

Available Numbers
‎ ‎ ٣‎ ٤‎ ٥‎ ٦‎ ٧‎ ٨‎ ٩ 
( 3,4,5,6,7,8,9)



How to Wear it
The Sweatshirt is chic. I'm wearing mine with a large white shirt and a vintage shorts.

Dry Cleaning.

Please mention your size and V or Rond Neck during your order.